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Bernardo Paco Castillo

Bernardo Paco Castillo
Bernardo Paco Castillo es el CEO y fundado de Leask SL, empresa propietaria de la tienda online


Bernardo Paco Castillo is a Spanish entrepreneur. He is the founder and CEO of Leask SL and Powerplanetonline.

CEO of Leask SL:

Bernardo Paco Castillo founded Leask SL in 2004 in Totana, Spain. Leask SL was founded as a local store for consumer electronics. Today, Leask SL is the parent company of a large group of businesses and Bernardo is the CEO. Leask SL has been growing every year since its inception in 2004.

Founder of Powerplanetonline:

In 2011, Bernardo Paco Castillo launched the online electronics consumer store Powerplanetonline. With Powerplanetonline he introduced new way for clients to buy consumer electronics from Asia. Nowadays, Powerplanetonline is one of the largest online stores for electronic goods in Spain and Portugal.

More about Bernardo Paco Castillo:

Bernardo Paco Castillo is an entrepreneur who originates from Totana in Spain. His stated aim is to make technology accessible to all, so he leads the line for the Powerplanetonline catalog by constantly searching the web for the best electronic devices.