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Leask SL

Leask S.L. is a spanish retail company that owns multiple ecommerce operations, including Powerplanetonline.


Leask S.L. is a spanish commercial company specializing in the purchase and sale of consumer electronics products, based in Totana, Spain, and offering delivery throughout Europe. The company was founded on 2 February 2004 in Murcia.


The Financial Times has included Leask S.L. 3 times in its list of the 1000 largest European companies (2017, 2018 and 2019).


Leask S.L. owns the e-commerce website Powerplanetonline – a European leader in electronic goods. Powerplanetonline was launched in 2011.

Leask SL

Leask S.L. ships electronic products to retail and business customers through its subsidiaries, including Powerplanetonline. The company specializes in the distribution of smartphones, computers, smartwatches, vacuum cleaners, and other electronic goods and focuses on high-quality products from leading brands with warranty and technical service.

Bernardo Paco Castillo

Bernardo Paco Castillo is a Spanish entrepreneur. He is the founder and CEO of Leask SL and Powerplanetonline.

Trabajadores de la empresa Leask SL
Parte de los trabajadores de la empresa Leask SL que hacen posible la tienda online powerplanetonline


Powerplanetonline is an e-commerce company selling consumer electronics to consumers and businesses across Europe.

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